Bad Musician Tag @

Are you tagged as a “Bad Musician” by Simon Sargsyan on He is so vengeful that he actually created a tag on his website jazz that he uses to besmirch musicians. Is this journalism or extortion? He has so many unfortunate musicians tagged as bad musicians that my screengrab extension for Chrome had to break it into two screengrabs of lies. Moreover, most of the posts that are tagged as “bad musician” on his site, are just negatively written by Simon in the headline. The actual interview is as the musician replied to the questions. This is HACK Journalism at its finest. This means he is just doing it out of spite. I am sure these unfortunate musicians did not pony up the funds for his extortion.  At this point, he does not have a single cell in his body that one can call a journalist. Shame on Simon Sargsyan. Hack Journalist.

The good news is that he is changing his website since this site was created. Removing some musicians.